El-Rashed group for trading and manufacturing was established in Cairo nearly 10 years ago with activities that began in the field of Metal-working and forming in addition to primary timber industries. Company's fields of operation then gradually expanded to comprise several other areas such as Metals trading in addition to the primary manufacturing of timber.

 And due to the trust that we acquired with our customers in the various fields of industry, due to our total honesty, and endeavor to provide genuine after-sale services, The company decided to work in the field of industrial lubricants, a field that no important industry can do without.

The next step came when the company became determined to jump to the horizons by opening doors with the Russian market. Thus, the company established a representative office in the Perm province in Russian-Federation by means of an exceptional team of young Russians. The office in Russia succeeded in gaining the trust of many industrial companies that work in the Russian Republic and in the Ukraine. This was an exceptional launching point towards an excellent future in the Russian market and the market of the countries that were part of the former USSR. It significantly expanded the company and made it the perfect partner for many Russian companies that are looking for representatives in Egypt and the Arab territory.

                Today, after many years of hard work and fast-forward determination to achieve our goals through careful planning and decisions that were taken after strategic development based on the latest theories of management and marketing studies, El-Rashed Group has become one of the most predominant corporations concerned with establishing strategic relations based on long-term business, with massive Russian manufactures.



On the Basis of our long experience in the Egyptian and Arab market, our complete knowledge with the needs and circumstances of the market, and our aspiration that we do not proceed in our dreams and plans except on the grounds of extensive practical and knowledge-based planning, El-Rashed Group for trading & Manufacturing has succeeded in accomplishing a difficult equilibrium. The group has based its system and founded its strategy on these two profound fundamentals, a studied step and a hopeful leap.

          It would have been easy for the company, like its many counterparts, to pursue markets that manufacture products with low prices even if was at the expense of quality. However, we at El-Rashed company believe that quality is the basis of our work, and that the trust we have built is a natural reaction to our distinguished services and we chose not to sacrifice this trust what ever it may cost us. Hence, we have aspired to import the best of products and the finest of goods based on the place of origin, the quality of the product and on the reputation of the manufacturer.

          We have emphasized our insistence since the first moment of our establishment not to provide products to our market except if they comply with the international specifications for ideal standards. This has been and is still our principle and it will never undergo any changes. We also adhered to providing our customers genuine after sale services which has cost us and still does cost us much effort and money. Nonetheless, we have in return acquired trust which we consider to be our true capital as apposed to hollow slogans and false catchwords.

          Through an organized working system, our company devotionally launched an exceptional network of  distributors made up of the best wholesale merchants who have the best reputation. This, however, did not stop us from establishing strong relations with retailers. This is due to our dedication of making our products reach customers at the best of prices and with the most unsurpassed services. We then dedicated ourselves to reaching the manufacturing firms (who are considered basically the end users of our products). This was through a web of the best expert salespeople and who are distinguished in both scientific and professional areas. The web is set up so that the company may guarantee that its products reach its customers safely, in addition to maintaining a persistent interactive connection with the end-users in the business ladder based on the thesis of feed and feed back. Thus the company has succeeded in establishing its current vocations and the ones in the future based on an integral web concerning the kind of services and the manner of its distribution for all its products.

          On the scale of our domestic activities in Egypt, we have been determined to not centralize our activities in the capital (Cairo and the surrounding areas). Indeed we have been devoted to make our services reach all the important regions in Egypt. Concerning our international business, we have added to our main office in Cairo an administration that is specialized in foreign labor in the territory of North Africa (Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Tunis, Morocco). Furthermore, our branch in Russia established an independent administration so that it can be specialized in serving the countries of the former Soviet Union, and study the market in this region, whether it is pertaining to the markets, its needs, or on the hope that it will be produce in the future a genuine basis for fruitful business between the markets in the former Soviet Union's region,  the markets of Egypt, and the countries in North Africa. In the near future we will open our branch in Dubai, which represents another advancement for the markets in the Arab Peninsula and the Middle Eastern countries as The Emirates is the door to this region.

          The company was not only devoted to expanding horizontally by increasing the varieties of its activities in addition to increasing its customers, but has also concentrated on the significance of expanding vertically by training and instructing its operational team, in addition to taking advantage of the leading technical consultative offices, specialized in marketing studies and visibility studies.




Fields in which El-Rashed Group Facilitate:

          Steel working & Forming and producing pipes used in metal constructions.

          Importing, distributing industrial lubricants.

          Importing, distributing Steel Products (carbon steels coils and plates).

          Importing and maintenance of Gas turbines and designing electrical circuits for electrical power plants and different power machines.

          Importing and distributing of firefighting equipment.

          Importing pipes for the transportation of gas and oil.

          Importing, distribution, and maintenance of Electric Accumulators for different industrial applications.



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