El-Rashed Group for Trading & Manufacturing has offered products and services to diverse clients in Egypt in the course of about 10 years of Experience with an experienced team of exceptional members who aim at accomplishing success and achievement

Within this time, we have become one of the main market-Players in the field of Trading of building and constructional materials, especially Billets, steel-Rebars and cement.

Our concern was also about offering services and products which serve various fields of industry in a country which achieves one of the highest rates of development in the fields of real estate, industry and economy in the region.

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El-Rashed Group for Trading & Manufacturing owns 5 companies, working independently but in harmony, in order to supply our clients who work in fields of Constructions, Real-Estate and Heavy industry with their needs of necessary products, raw-materials and services.

El-Rashed Steel: Trading of different steel & Iron products such as (Billets, Rebars, Equal angles, Flat bars, Profiles, Hot Rolled Coils HRC, Cold Rolled Coils CRC, Galvanized coils, Scrap and Pipes)

El-Rashed General Supplies: Trading of Cement portland.

El-Rashed Industrial lubricants: Trading of industrial lubricants & greases.

El-Rashed Export: Exporting Egyptian products to CIS markets.

El-Rashed Oil services: Importing steel pipes used in Oil & Gas transportation, drilling bits and other services & supplies.


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