El Rashed Industrial lubricants Co. distributes a full line of food and pharmaceutical chemicals, specialty chemicals for personal care and industrial chemicals.

El Rashed Industrial lubricants Co. distributes a complete line of industrial oils and lubricants from the leading oil and lubricant manufacturers.

El Rashed Industrial lubricants Co. operates a large distribution along Egypt






Lubricants and fluids are industry’s lifeline!

Smart fluids management is the single most important thing a shop can do to maximize equipment service life, eliminate unscheduled downtime, reduce chemical costs, cut waste - and achieve the highest quality end products.

For 11 years El Rashed
Industrial lubricants Co. has been a supplier of a broad range of oils, lubricants, coolants and metalworking fluids to the region's OEMs and job shops.
We also provide comprehensive fluids testing, analysis and "tank-side" maintenance that maximizes the life of both fluids and machinery by selective filtration, contaminant neutralization and fluids re-balancing.
Our customers typically achieve a three-or-fourfold increase - (yes, 300 to 400% more!) - in fluid life using El Rashed systems. Costs are low. El Rashed Petro-chemicals Co. supplies the region's most capable tech support on top branded industrial fluids from Castrol, Exxon Mobil, Shell, Nalco and Chevron-Texaco. If you use lubricants, coolants, waste treatment chemicals, quenchants, cleaners or other manufacturing fluids, El Rashed Petro-chemicals Co. can provide the tools and systems to boost shop efficiency and improve your bottom line. Begin . . . right now!


Metalworking Products

Industrial, Oils, & Greases

Water Treatment Products

Automotive – Aviation Oils & Greases

Other Products and Services

Process Oils, Hydrocarbon Chemicals

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Companies & Products They Manufacture

  • Castrol - grinding & cutting fluids; cutting, honing & grinding oils; rust preventatives; cleaners; deformation oils; unique specialty products

  • Exxon Mobil - hydraulic fluids; machine tool lubricants; gear oils; bearing lubricants; compressor oils; metal working fluids; grease

  • Shell - compressor oils; gear oils; bearing lubricants; metal working fluids; grease

  • Nalco - water systems; waste treatment; boiler chemicals; cooling tower chemicals; associated equipment & service

  • Texaco - extended life coolant; grinding & cutting oils, metalworking fluids


EL-Rashed Custom Service Program (RCSP)

"Our Added-Value Fluid Management Program"

  • Provide professional fluids management scaled to your plant

  • Allows your operation to continue "24/7" ­ zero shutdown!

  •  Maximizes equipment life

  • Reduces tool wear

  • Lengthens service life of oils, coolants, solvents and other fluids

  • Eliminates fluid "emergencies" and unscheduled fluids maintenance

  • Immediately lowers chemical costs.  Can also lower utility (water) bills, if you use large quantities of process water

  • Immediately eliminates issues of handling, worker health and safety, maintenance training and regulatory documentation

  • Immediately reduces disposal and environmental costs

  • Is customized to your facility ­ no arbitrary minimums or restrictions

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